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Megan B. 

I'm so sorry for making you think that I was mad at you. I'm not, not even in the slightest bit. Saturday was a crappy day when I found the e-mail Kevin sent me and an alert that someone I didn't know had sent me from the website fanfiction.net. A girl named Megan, that I have been talking to online for a while (and actually met through that site) had posted stories that I had written and was saying they were her's. When I found out, which was about the same time that I got Kevin's email, I was already pretty upset and when I made that post I wasn't thinking. Otherwise I would have made a note that the Megan who had upset me was not you. I'm really sorry for making you think I thought you did something to me.


I'm friendslocking this journal for two reasons. 1) I don't want to get booted from here for having underage people read my fics and 2) I don't want people from my other lj to find me. 

So if you'd like to be my friend, comment and I'll friend you back. Otherwise, this'll be the only post you'll see.

Edit: As of May 11th 2010, fanfiction will no longer be posted on this journal. Instead, you can find practically everything I've ever written over at [info]themorning_sun. (Well, eventually everything. I just need to stop being lazy =D)

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